Things to Checkout this Weekend

What to watch:

New Edition


The New Edition mini series/biopic is finally out. It has earned really rave reviews from some critics who are particularly hard to please. It also apparently shattered viewing records. Thus is very good to see. To be honest, I did not expect much from it (because it was on BET) and to be honest maybe the cultural impact of New Edition is lost on me because I was born after their great run and I didn’t really go back and listen to their music properly so there is a chance that when I watch it, I might not be able to relate to the story the way some older people can. What it also good is that all members were involved so there is still harmony among the group members after a few tumultuous years.

I’m eager to check it out but it’s 3 parts and each part is 2 hours long (without ad breaks). I know I spend a lot of time watching TV but I can’t see where 6 hours will come from. At best I might be able to catch one hour of the first part and I’m looking forward to watching the whole set so I can do a proper review but if you find time you should check it out and maybe tell me what you think of it.

The Crown


I’ve been meaning to check the Crown out. It is about Queen Elizabeth’s early years. It depicts her meeting her husband, being crowned queen and adjusting to being quuen and I believe some family squabbling. It is one of those things where I feel like I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch and this is why I have put it off a few times. I’ll try and at least watch some of it this weekend.


I keep up with a few things that champion black (American) culture and I root for black Americans to be successful so when I saw that Donald Glover was coming up with a show, I thought that I had to check it out. I didn’t really get it if I’m honest. I kind of felt like it was a bit all over the place, I didn’t think it went far enough in any one direction. One time it is about Earn and his baby mama then it’s Paper Boi then its something else. Eventually, I had enough on the episode where Paper Boi was on that talk show. I stopped watching it after that. Of course it went and won two Emmy’s. If it wins two Emmy’s, smarter people than me must think it’s good I think it’s worth a second look. Not sure if I will have time but I will try and fit it in.

Greys Anatomy

Greys Anatomy is back! It’s the 13th season and I don’t understand how it still has me hooked. I think Shonda Rhimes has managed the cast and storyline very well. Although to be fair, my judgement is clouded and even if it starts going south, I probably wouldn’t notice. Greys is the first of a few things coming off the mid season break.

I will also try to catch some of Big Brother. There must be some sort of recap this weekend? If not I will try to watch the weekly show on Sunday

Pro Bowl

If you’re in Nigeria/Europe, it will be a long ask to watch this. It’s the NFL equivalent of the All Star Weekend. It really kicks off the mass hysteria for super bowl week which I am sort of looking forward to since it is very unlikely that I will be awake during the super bowl. If the Falcons win though, I will watch a rerun the whole game! 🙂

NBA Happenings

Not much going on in the NBA but the all star reserves were announced. I’m happy Deandre Jordan finally got selected. Gordon Hayward and Kemba Walker are also making their All Star debuts. In the west, it’s the usual suspects – Klay Thompson, Marc Gasol, Draymond Green, Westbrook and Boogie Cousins. For the east, it is as expected – John Wall, Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, Paul Millsap and Kevin Love (What’e he doing there?).

Bon Weekend 😉


2 thoughts on “Things to Checkout this Weekend”

  1. You should see The New Edition, it’s awesome and I’m not from that generation. I can’t even begin to explain. Although, I pretty much like old school. The Crown is also so dope. I am patiently waiting for Season 2. I love TV shows and all, so I’ll be stopping over often. Nice blog!


    1. Thanks Zinny! Now I have to watch New Edition. The Crown is on my watch list for tonight. I will let you know what I think


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