This is Us is Growing on Me


A few weeks ago I saw the first episode of This is Us. I put off watching further episodes while I got sucked into Daredevil season 1. I tried watching Daredevil Season 2 but 7 minutes into the first episode, I gave up watching it. I was either not interested or it wasn’t cutting it. Anyway, I decided to switch to something else.

Sterling K. Brown (Chris Darden from the people vs OJ) stars as one of the leads. Mandy Moore (Mandy Baby) is also in it. I used to have the biggest crush on Mandy Moore when I was in Secondary School. She had that girl next door image with the perfect smile and everything. Milo Ventimiglia is in it as well. It is really a story about twins and their adopted brother (Sterling K Brown) who was born on the same day. They are triplets in a sense. This is us essentially delves into each major character and their flaws.

What I really like are the flaws of each character and how everything seems to be linked.  Obviously there will be no spoilers from me but I’m on episode 4 now and whilst there aren’t any big surprises, there are a few things bubbling under that you know will make you gasp when they unravel. For now, things are ambling on one small revelation at a time.



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