Mike Smith & Jemele Hill get to Host Sports Center, Thoughts on the Hawks & Patriots


I found out yesterday that Mike Smith and Jemele Hill will host the 6pm edition of Sports Center. This is a big deal for (black) Americans because Sports Center is a major show on ESPN which is a huge network. I am really happy for them (I say that like I know them lol) because although they are essentially getting a prime time(ish) slot for their His n Hers show.

I first knew who they were by watching them on Around the Horn. I (used to) root for (and still root for) the black people on the show. then I found out they were getting their podcast in 2013. I remember listening to the first episode of the podcast and they were hoping they would get a second podcast. They not only got a second episode but eventually, their podcast became a TV show and now his n hers is essentially sports center at 6. Shout out to Mr. Smith and Miss Hill, I will keep rooting for them. Shame that we don’t get ESPN around these shores but I’m sure i’ll find a way to keep up with them.

On to the the mini Super Bowl LI Preview


I watched the Falcons rip Greenbay apart over the weekend and understood the hype around Julio Jones and Matt Ryan (sorry I was a bit late to the party, I just fell back in love with the NFL). I was also impressed by Devonte Freeman. I’m not sure whether the Falcons played so well or if the Packers just didn’t show up because there were a few times when Aaron Rodgers threw incomplete passes when he was under no pressure which was a bit of a shame. I really wanted to watch the Steelers and Patriots but that was the late game and I had work the next day but the Patriots did their thing.

I’m picking the Falcons for the Super Bowl not based on any advanced metrics but just because I always root for the underdog and I’m tired of the Patriots domination plus the Falcons have not won the super bowl before so I hope they bring it home.

I will try an fit in a proper preview a couple of days before the main event but for now…

Lets go Falcons!

Mini NBA Recap

In case you missed it, the Clippers are in free fall just as I predicted here after Chris Paul went down with an injury. Even I could not predict the extent of the free fall. They have gone 1-4 and last night they lost to the 76’ers! I know the 76’ers have been on a mini revival lately but they didn’t even have their best player (Embiid). His first choice back up (Okafor) was also injured. The clippers blew a 19 point lead and let Nerlens Noel stunt on them! This is embarrassing. They even got Blake Griffin back. Do they mean to say without CP3 they can win a game? I still consider myself to be a Wizards fan but I have a thing for the Clippers because I like Doc Rivers. They need to sort themselves out. I don’t get what they think they are doing. I’m starting to agree with analysts who say they should blow the whole thing up and start again.

Speaking of the Wizards, they played the Celtics last night and in case you missed it, the last game between these two teams got a bit chippy towards the end of the game. The Wizards decided for the next game that they were all going to wear black because the game would be a funeral. I’m happy they backed it up with they performance. John Wall and Bradley Beal played their part and led the team in scoring. I know I have been a bit critical of them this season but now they are 5 games over .500 and Scott Brooks is earning his $7 Million. Again I don’t think they have a deep bench. I’ll say it again Trey Burke and Kelly Oubre are the strongest players off the bench. That won’t get you very far in the playoffs but they have shut me up with their strong play of late so my mouth is shut until one of their starters goes down.

Happy Wizards fan here 🙂


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