Weekend Recap

I had a big line up of things to watch this past weekend. Unfortunately, things did not go quite the way I expected. I was really busy on Saturday so I could not watch as much stuff as I wanted to. I tried to fit a few things in on Saturday night and Sunday morning though. Here is how that went.

Daredevil Season 1: Finale

I will try to describe it while trying to stick to my no spoiler policy. I generally like all the factors at play in Daredevil – Supernatural Powers (technically Daredevil doesn’t have any super powers, he has heightened senses),  sexual tension, drugs and gangsters. Everything was built up nicely for the finale. Oh. Daredevil debuts his famous red costume and gets the nickname Daredevil in this episode. Looking forward to season 2 now 🙂


I want to like insecure and I feel like I should like it but I’m just not sure about it. it just seems… okay. Maybe it’s me but I just don’t think there is anything special about it. The humour is bleh and so is the story line. I even managed to fit 2 episodes in. Anytime I find myself looking at my phone while watching something, that can’t be a good sign. I will probably try to find time to watch it but it will be relegated to my 3rd or 4th option for a night if I get that far.

Being Mary Jane

On to the second episode and I can still safely say that I can’t tell that the whole team behind the show has been changed. Maybe I’m not savvy enough to notice subtle changes. If their aim was to sell continuity to the audience, they certainly have me sold!

In other news…

I didn’t watch basketball this weekend. I caught the NFL bug and watched the championship game between the Packers and the Falcons. It was a very good game (if a tad one sided) I wish it was more competitive but it was fun just watching the spectacle. Can’t wait for the super bowl now.

Things to look forward to this week:

Greys Anatomy is back this Thursday (I don’t know how I am still watching this show and loving it after 13 seasons!) Shout out to you Miss Rimes.

I also didn’t get round to watching This is Us. I’ll try and find time during the week to make up for that.

I hear there is a three part series about New Edition coming to BET in America this week. It is surely a stretch to fit that into the week given that each part is 2 hours long it is unrealistic to expect that I will watch it this week but it should definitely go on the watch list.

Also I’ll see if Homeland episode 2 will impress me. On second thought, maybe I won’t watch it just yet. I’ll let it pile up and take a crack at it then.

Have a great week!


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