I just watched the opening show for Big Brother Naija 2017. I was looking to see what the house would be like, what the housemates would be like, judge the host, production quality etc etc. Here is the run down.


The house looks really good! I was very impressed that they were able to build something like that in Nigeria. It was well designed. It has several lounges and a jacuzzi (of course). If I’m honest, I looked a little closely to see if I could spot any imperfections and there were none!  Of course I later found out that the house is actually in South Africa in order to achieve “high production values whilst meeting tight timelines/deadlines and ensuring the show reaches the viewers on time”. It is hard to argue with that. You know basing the show in Nigeria is just a National disaster waiting to happen. Sigh.


It is hard to form an opinion after just one show (especially as I am not sure how much I will pay attention) but I don’t recall any cringe worthy housemates. Cheesy yes but not embarrassing which is good. There are even 1 or 2 housemates that I have mutual friends in common with. They seem like a good mix (then again they always do on the first day). I just hope none of them embarrass the country on a continental platform!.

Everything Else

Ebuka Obi Uchendu is the host which makes sense because he was a housemate on the Big Brother Naija in 2006. Since I found out it’s not a Nigerian production, there is no point in critiquing the production. I don’t care if the South Africans cock everything up :-p.

Already the twists have started. Ebuka mentioned that there will be no evictions next sunday and housemates will be nominating for likes this week (whatever that means). Also 2 new housemates join the fray next week.

Anyway it looks like we are in for an interesting ride. There are enough interesting personalities in the house to stir things up. Like I said, I won’t watch much but I’ll keep my ears close to the ground and write posts on any noteworthy things that catch my attention.



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