The State of the Clippers

Tough times in Clipperland for Blake and Chris

I saw somewhere that the Clippers might be the most unlucky franchise in the NBA. It is hard to argue with that assessment. Year after year, at crucial times, they seem to be struck down either by the injury bug or an owner who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.This Season, Blake Griffin had minor knee surgery in december to keep him out for 6 weeks, Chris Paul damaged ligaments in his thumb, last year, both Paul and Griffin picked up injuries against Portland in the playoffs and torpedoed their play off hopes. The year before that, Chris Paul had a hamstring issue and they choked against the Rockets. The year before that, their owner made racist comments and that clouded the playoffs.

Recently both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were out and the Clippers dropped 6 games in a row. When I found out Chris Paul was injured, my first thought was that they had to make a move in the market. There are a few quality point guards out there that are free agents – Jarrett Jack who I really like (although, I’m not sure he’s healthy), Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Nate Robinson or even old Andre Miller! then I asked myself if any of these guys would keep the Clippers at the top of the Western Conference and the answer is no so I guess I have to dial back on my recommendation for a short term move. It’s a shame what is happening to them though because I don’t think this team is good enough to beat Golden State but I think they can take any other team in the west on their day. Both Paul and Griffin are free agents in the summer and I am reading that both of them are not necessarily locks to come back next year. Sigh!

I like the Clippers because of my man Doc Rivers but all this bad Karma surrounding the team is exhausting. I have also read that either Chris Paul or Blake Griffin should be traded but I don’t agree with that. I do think they need to shake things up a little bit. As much as I like Jamal Crawford, I cannot understand why the clippers gave a 36 year old a 3 year $42 million contract. I think people like him, Wesley Johnson or even Brandon Bass or Alan Anderson can be moved. Seems like they have one too many players who don’t really do much.

On to the Melo Saga

Is Melo fed up in New York?

I always root for the underdog and when the knicks traded for Derrick Rose and acquired Joakim Noah in the off season, I hoped it will work. It did for a short while earlier this season when they were 3 games over .500 but they have been dropping games recently. Derrick Rose thinks he can skip out on the team when he likes, Noah is not really contributing and the trade rumours involving Melo have started. Now I hear Melo sat with Phil Jackson to discuss his future. Personally, I like Melo and I don’t think he should have come back to New York in 2013. Chicago at the time would have been a better fit. I don’t see any takers for his huge contract. He has a no trade clause in his contract anyway so they cannot ship him anywhere without his consent.

Phil Jackson also needs to foot some of the blame for his hiring choices. I don’t think Hornacek, Kurt Rambis or Derrick Fisher have been good choices. He also made questionable player acquisitions. I want to see New York competitive but it seems like they have dug themselves into a hole and short of blowing up the roster and starting again, I don’t see how they will be competitive in the near future.

I’m feeling..

Isaiah Thomas: Leading the league in 4th quarter scoring and carrying the Celtics on his back! Big shoutout.

Embiid is 3rd in the League in blocks

Joel Embiid: I watched him live for the first time on Monday. When you look at box scores, the thing that stands out about him are his numbers but watching him on Monday, I didn’t realise how much of a monster he was defensively. He was swatting shots with authority and giving opposition players that look like what do you think you are doing? You could tell the opposition team were skeptical about taking shots at the rim. After his injury hell, I am happy he is finally showing his potential

Not feeling..

Draymond Green: He is so annoying and I really hope Cleveland or some other team shuts him up in the playoffs! Ugh!


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