After a longish hiatus, Carrie and the rest of the gang are back. Carrie is back in America taking care of her daughter and living in New York. According to the creator Claire Danes (who plays Carrie) was tired of moving around the world to shoot and wanted to be in America for a while so they found a way to work this into the script.

Carrie works for an NGO that provides legal assistance to Muslims falsely accused of terrorism. Episode 1 takes place in between the American elections and the inauguration so there is a reason for Saul, Dar Adal and the rest of the CIA cronies to be in New York. It seemed like the president elect was in favour of scaling back on intelligence etc so Saul and Dar seemed like they were on the outside looking in. I am sure by some quirk Claire, Saul and Dar will cross paths again and fight some terrorists. That’s what we love to see 🙂

After Mad Men, Homeland is probably my second favourite series ever. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in episode 1 of season 6. Something seems off about it. Even the trailer did not get me excited about what is to come.

Maybe its the setting in New York, maybe it is because episode 1 focuses more on defending people than fighting terrorists or sussing out clandestine plans. Maybe it will grow on me. I did not get episode 1 of season 5 either and that turned out to be great. I have seen enough of Homeland to be patient with it. I hope we are not starting to grow apart x_x. I also hope unaired episodes will make me eat my words!


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