BIG3 Press Conference

Apparently Ice Cube is organising a summer league called the “Big 3 League” (what a corny name x_x) for former NBA veterans. The league will run from June – August 2017. Former players who will be taking part in the league include Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Chauncey Billups, Jason Williams, Corey Maggette  and Rashad Lewis. Roger Mason III will serve as Commissioner. Gary Payton and George Gervin have signed up to be coaches.

There will be some kind of super draft with 3 rounds of 8 picks. Teams will have a maximum of 5 players (so I guess there is a chance to sign some free agents?). There will also be a 4 point line. Each team must win by 4 points and the first team to reach 60 points wins the game. Half time occurs when one team reaches 30 points.

Revenue will be split 52:48 between the players and organisers  in favour of the players. Each team will have 3 players (duh), games will be played in a half court format on Saturdays in 10 different cities. There are no regional teams so nothing like home court advantage. Sounds like a travelling circus of sorts.

Now that’s out of the way, here are my thoughts –  Any form of basketball in the summer is welcome since both football and basketball are in the off season in the summer. Being honest, it will be good to see older players lace up for a limited period. I am one for nostalgia so to have the chance of watching players we all grew up rooting for will be pretty cool. It’s also good because these retired players get the chance to pick up some cheques!

Having said that though, expectations will have to be tempered. I am not quite sure how the 3 on 3 format will work. I am also pretty sure the quality of play will be questionable so I won’t be tuning in for the best quality of basketball. It will just be for the nostalgia. Apparently the organisers are still toying with finer details of the format so apart from what I summarised, we don’t know much else. I will probably do another post when there are more details but for now, we wait and see what else Mr. Cube has in store.


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