Being Mary Jane has been off the air since 2015. Frankly before it went off air, I had already lost interest in it. It was losing the fight against other series which I thought were more captivating. I found out this week that it was being revamped. (sort of)  They’re bringing in a new producer and Mary Jane is moving to New York to take up a job as a correspondent on a morning show.

For Series, I always think major personnel changes are a fork in the road. A lot of times, that is the first sign that a show is going south. I think it is because the show is usually someone’s baby and when you take that baby from its creator and give it on to someone else, it is hard for that passion to be transferred. Usually the new person wants to put their stamp on the show and it does not translate.


I like how the show explores MJ’s weaknesses. There us something open and convincing about the way Gabrielle Union plays the role. When it started, I did not think it would last for more than one season because it was on BET. I thought the script would be all over the place kind of how the Game was but I was suprised by the depth in the script and the way they tried to keep it going.

Even with the new production team, (apart from being set in New York), episode 1 of season 4 tries to stick to the tried and tested formula. i.e MJ’s love life, family life and work life. The move to New York is a fresh start in many ways because I kind of got tired of the story line in Atlanta. It is sink or swim time for the show now. As far as I can tell, there have been no new major additions to the cast. I wouldn’t go into any details or give any spoilers but enough happened for me to tune in when next it is on to see how Mary Jane and all her troubles are getting on.


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