I Started Watching Daredevil

Netflix and Marvel have an exclusive arrangement to the effect that Netflix will be the only place for you to watch Marvel shows. Over the Christmas holidays, I watched Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and I loved both shows. The thing I found interesting about both shows is that they sort of deal with dark and adult type themes. I have never been a comic book person and it got me wondering how these themes were played out in comics (if they were at all) since comics are marketed to kids.


Anyway, I was looking forward to watching season 2 of both shows and then I found out that they wont come out until 2018! Apparently Netflix wants to release Iron Fist (never heard of it either but if the previous Netflix/Marvel productions are anything to go by, it will be good) first and let that resonate before they start shooting(!). I went down a rabbit hole looking for a super hero fix and I came up with Daredevil. Not sure why it took such a long time to find it because it has been out since 2015. I saw the first episode yesterday and it definitely got me interested. I like the fact that these new comic books adaptations take us behind the back stories of super heroes. I enjoy comparing the back stories to the popular perception.

I think the plan eventually is for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and maybe Iron Fist to feature in an Avenger  type thing. They are all set in New York and there are certain characters that cut across all series. I think it will be great. It introduces people like me who have never even heard of these things to them and makes me a fan.

In other news, I started watching a show called This is Us with Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore which is interesting (and a post for another day) also Homeland is back this weekend (but I already saw the first episode), Greys Anatomy is back later in the month. I will do posts on those in due course. I’ll also do posts to all the other trashy things I watch.



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